What is the Average Cost of a Limo for One Night?

The price of a limousine rental can vary based on a number of different factors. Here are the top factors that affect the cost of limousines:

  1. 1. Time of Year/Season

    Due to the changing demand, limo prices tend to be higher around the spring/prom time as well as the summer season. That means renting a limo during the autumn or during winter time can cost you a lot less and be significantly more affordable.

  2. 2. Day of the Week

    Limousine prices tend to fluctuate based on the weekday. Higher demand on weekends means higher prices, while the weekdays are a great time to get amazing deals on limo rentals.

  3. 3. Size of the Vehicle

    Of course, a larger limousine bus will cost much more than a traditional limo vehicle. The average number of passengers that need to be accommodated can affect the limo price significantly.

Taking these factors into consideration, here are the average prices for a single way and round trip options:

Type One Way Round Trip
Standard Traditional Limo $139 - $199 $199 - $349
SUV Limousine $159 - $229 $239 - $399
Hummer Stretch $399 - $499 $499 - $699
Party Bus $399 - $699 $599 - $999

Please keep in mind that these prices are average and can change based on a number of factors. Also, the above assumes usage for a straight trip and does not include stopovers or having exclusive access for a duration of time such as for a wedding.