Rent a Hummer Limo in Markham

If you've never been inside a stretch limo Hummer, then you are definitely going to have an awesome experience when you step into one for the first time. Our hummer limo hire service is one of the most exciting in all of Southern Ontario because we have a number of these luxury vehicles for you to choose from.

limo hummer rental

Make a Statement

Renting a stretch Hummer is not just about traveling from one place to another, and it is not just to party with a bunch of friends. In fact, using hummer limousines is about saying something about yourself and those who are with you. It makes a statement like nothing else. And that statement can be whatever you want it to be. It can be machoism, elegance, class, finesse or whatever you want it to be. One thing is for sure, when people see you getting out of that limousine hummer, everyone will stop and look to see who that is. Heads will turn, perhaps because they think a movie star is inside. That's the type of treatment that you can expect when you get a hummer rental from our fleet.

Great Prices

To hire a Hummer may not be as expensive as you expect. In fact, we have great deals and rates for renting hummers; you will be surprised when you find out about our Hummer limo rental prices. Even the hummer h2 limousine can be rented for a reasonable cost. Call us to learn about the current prices as rates vary by week and season. However, you can be assured that when you give us a call, we will give great rates that will help you rent the limo that you always wanted.

Call us today and get to know some of the options that are available for renting limousine hummers in Markham and the surrounding areas.